Hello friends,

We wanted to update you on our status at The Sound Shop.

In compliance with Colorado Governor Jared Polis’s Executive Order, the shop is suspending normal operation until after April 11th. We will not be able to conduct normal sales, installations, or service during this period, however…

You can continue to reach the shop by phone at (719) 636-1684 Normal hours are Tuesday–Saturday 9am–5pm 

If you have an emergency and need technical assistance, please call and we may be able to help without a service call.   

If you have an appointment scheduled, we will be calling to re-schedule. We will begin scheduling appointments as soon as we’re able, hopefully around the week of April 11th. Since no one knows how long this will last, we will all just have to be patient.  

We know that music and tv can help pass the time, and reduce stress for those stuck at home. It is also imperative to stay connected to news and information. Of course, with everyone relying so heavily on their av systems right now, some people are bound to have technical issues. 

Keep in mind that some content providers (YouTube & Netflix) are temporarily reducing their resolution to avoid overloading the system with so many folks binge-watching right now. If you can’t stream, you can still watch cable, or a DVD/Blu Ray.  

This is a huge problem, for everyone.  It is vital that we work together, so we can all safely be back to work as soon as possible.  We miss seeing all of you and hope you are well. Take Care, 

Patty, Scott, Kelly, Mike, Matt, Zach, John, Jose & Dennis