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From new construction design to retrofit adaptations, whether you need basic setup or a fully integrated state-of-the-art control system, we will work with you to build the system of your dreams.

We’re Here To Help. Contemporary home theater equipment is complex, so let us take care of the technical stuff. We want you to get the most out of your equipment, and will give you the tools and confidence you need to control your new gear with ease.

Quality You Can Trust. Our CEDIA Certified team members are specially trained to deliver the highest quality in system design and implementation. We work directly with our customers through every step of the process, from consultation and design through installation and detailed set-up. We have a full staff of installers — Our employees, not sub-contractors. We carry full liability & workman’s comp insurance for your protection!

Start Today.  Call or stop by today! No matter where you are in the process, our staff is here to answer any questions you have and get you on the path to the system thats right for you.


  •  some quick Kudos for Mike, who has been taking care of my audio/video needs since 2008. However, I must admit he has addicted me to high quality components. The guy is fair regarding price and goes out of his way to take care of all of my home entertainment needs. Thanks,
    Marco S.
  • Thanks for the great deal today! I am already enjoying the Totem Dreamcatchers in the office!!! They sound truly amazing, these are such a great a speaker for the price. Thanks again Kelly!
    Beau B.
  • My thanks to Mike for a pleasant sales experience, and gratitude to Howell and Scott for a flawless delivery and wall-mounted installation of the Sony XBR55HX950. The staff and management are professional, knowledgeable and courteous, making the Sound Shop the obvious choice for fulfilling your audio and video needs. Highly recommended!
    Pete W.
  • Mike, Thank you for taking suck good care of us! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  • I can't say enough good things about the very knowledgeable service man you sent me.
    Sam G.
  • Mike, your guys did a great job. Service makes a difference. Thanks,
    Bill R.

Where to Start With Custom Install

Consumer demand for homes that are functional as well as fun has never been greater. Savvy builders and contractors are providing more options than ever to make each home a unique compliment to the people who live there. Today’s wired homes are a complex mix of audio, video, and automation systems providing convenience, entertainment, and productivity for our busy lives. With all that entails, how do you know where to start? Easy, consult an expert.

For fifty years, The Sound Shop has been Southern Colorado’s source for all things audio and video, and has been featured in numerous Parade of Homes models.  Our retail store encompasses listening rooms, an installation department, in-store service center and two complete theaters. Clients can see and hear all the amazing design options, including a variety of HD displays to deliver big-screen punch with style; especially important to interior design!

What makes The Sound Shop unique? Versatility. Today’s integrated systems call for a tremendous depth of knowledge to provide seamless installations. You need help from specialists in all areas of home electronics including whole-house audio, home theater, automation,  and security; something you won’t find at “Big Box” retailers. While not every job will utilize all of these options, planning for future connectivity insures long-term customer satisfaction. This requires a truly custom installation, specific to a client’s needs and budget.

Another essential consideration is integrity & reputation, or “service after the sale”. As an authorized dealer for the finest audio/video products on the market, The Sound Shop has the resources stand behind their work, backed by full manufacturer’s warranties, and a lifetime installation warranty.

Working in tandem with homeowners, builders, and design professionals, The Sound Shop specializes in incorporating all aspects of home electronics to “future-proof” their installations. It pays to do a job right the first time, and that is never more true than when drywall, stone & stucco make revisions inaccessible. Miss a wire run, and you’ve lost functionality. That means expensive retrofit work and finish repairs just to get back to square one. Don’t trust your pre-wire to anyone but a professional, and insist that your subcontractors are licensed and fully insured.

Custom installation of audio/video systems just makes sense, and consulting an expert is key to a finished product that will truly enhance your home.

Thinking about a home theater, but don’t know where to start?

Here’s a few pointers to get you going in the right direction:

It all starts with the room. The key to creating a theater that looks and sounds great is to customize it to the features of your space. Whether you are building or remodeling, there are some basics you need to consider. Do you want a dedicated theater or a multi-purpose room? How big is your room? Where will you be sitting? How much light control do you have? Do you watch mostly movies, sports, or play games? How much can you afford to spend?

Dedicated theaters typically have projectors and fixed-mount screens for better picture quality with less expense than motorized or drop-down screens. In addition to the obvious considerations of price and picture quality, projector selection should include compatibility with room size, placement (drop-down or pop-up mounts are available), and fan noise (important if you sit directly under it). Projectors need periodic cleaning, and expect to replace the bulb every 2000 hours on average. Projectors and screens should be selected for the best match of light output, clarity and reflectivity.

Keep in mind that the screen is just as important as the projector in the final outcome, so don’t skimp here. Quality and price vary, but look for extras like velvet trim to give a crisp black border to your picture. Standard sizes are available, but most screens are custom ordered for size and features.

Multi-purpose rooms tend to have equipment that can be hidden when not in use. Drop-down projectors with motorized screens might be a good choice, but lately flat screen TVs with their low-profile and sleek good looks are getting the most attention in this category.

Finding the right fit can be tricky. “If big is good, then bigger must be better” doesn’t necessarily apply here. Regardless of the type of display you choose, it needs to fit the space. A large screen in small space can be overwhelming and uncomfortable to watch. Very few people choose to sit in the first row when they go out to a movie. Try it, you’ll see why!

The best seat in the house can be anything from a beanbag or sofa to reclining theater seating with built-in cup holders and foot rests. But make sure there is room to be a comfortable distance from the screen. Optimize your viewing enjoyment by careful choice of screen size and type, and don’t overlook viewing angle. Some screens have very specific viewing angles, especially when used for 3D content.

Light is a major factor. Basement rooms with no windows or black-out shades work best for projectors, since ambient light will make the picture wash-out. In the case of rooms where other activities are going on, and the lights are on during viewing, a plasma screen or LCD television would be the best choice since the picture is vivid even in a brightly lit room.

What you don’t see is also an important consideration. For a true theater experience, you’ll need a great surround sound system. This will require a multi-channel receiver, speakers, and a video source (BluRay, DVD, streaming device, & cable or satellite system). High Def digital sources such as BluRay and HD cable produce a clearer picture, especially important as screen size increases. Consider architectural speakers, also known as “in-walls” for keeping floor space wide open; a good idea in a dark theater! These can also be painted to blend in with your décor. You’ll need a center channel speaker for dialog, front and rear speakers for surround effects, and a subwoofer for seat-rumbling action scenes! Tonal qualities need to match for the best surround effects, so ask for advice on speakers that compliment each other well.

Accessories pull the whole look together. Soft floor and wall coverings will have acoustic benefits as well as looking good. Pillars, curtains, and furniture actually improve the sound of your theater by eliminating echoes and “boominess”. They can also camouflage speakers, equipment, and awkward room features. Incorporate sconce lighting, marquees, murals, memorabilia or a concession stand to complete the look!

Your viewing habits will also play a role in your choice of system. Are you looking for a total-immersion movie watching experience, or do you want to watch sports with friends while you shoot pool? Keep in mind that a theater will enhance your leisure time, but probably won’t change your lifestyle, so make a choice that works for you.
Finally, consider your budget. Of course, the sky’s the limit here, but there are systems available at all price levels. When you’ve decided how much you can spend, bring in your plans to see what the best options are.
Our Advise? Seek professional help immediately! While it is usually possible to retrofit an existing room, it’s also more expensive. Early planning is key. Projectors and equipment may need additional electrical work, and wire needs to be run before sheet rock installation for in-wall speakers. Meet with our home theater pros on-site at least once prior to starting the job to make sure there are no surprises during installation. Remember, there is no charge for advice at The Sound Shop, so ask questions, and be clear about what your preferences are to help our product specialists guide you to your ultimate home theater. Enjoy the show!