How To Get The Best Deal On Your New TV

Planning on upgrading your TV this year? Have questions about pricing, features, or availability? We’re here to help! Come in today to see the latest models, compare features, and chat with one of our experts. Take the stress out of TV shopping!

Pick the features that are right for YOU! – New model televisions are loaded with special features, but it can be hard to make sense of them all. 4K? HDR? Smart TV? How can you be sure to get what you need now, and might want in the future? Talk to the experts! We’re here to answer any questions you may have.There’s no one perfect TV for every family, so come chat with the team and let us help you find the right fit for your lifestyle!

Trust the industry leaders for quality and longevity – Most folks use their TV everyday. You want your investment to last, so be sure to pick a brand you can trust with a warranty you can depend on. The Sound Shop only carries the highest rated, most reliable names in television, like SONY and LG. Picking a quality name now means years of enjoyment down the road.

Prices change fast! Talk to us for the best deals! – The year’s best prices on new model TVs will occur between now and Black Friday. Pricing can fluctuate A LOT this time of year as stock levels shift and manufacturers adapt to the seasonal market. Want to make sure you get the one you want at a bargain? Talk to us! We’re keeping track of all the changes for you so we know just when to order so you get the best deal!