Sonos Update & Trade-Up Program

Have you heard the latest from Sonos?

The Era 300 creates a fully three-dimensional soundfield that puts you inside your music. Its six-speaker array projects balanced, stereo sound in all directions.

The compact Era 100 is the successor to the groundbreaking Sonos One, upgraded with built-in Bluetooth for even more listening flexibility and a 47% faster processor for improved stereo separation and detail. And its mid-woofer is 25% larger, giving it stronger, richer bass. Use one Era 100 by itself, or pair two together for an even bigger, more spacious sound.

And the hugely popular Move series gets an upgrade with the Move 2, offering better controls, more battery life, and dual tweeters for richer sound!

Wanna upgrade? Don’t Forget, Sonos is still offering a trade-up path to their newest products. Customers with eligible Sonos models may be able to trade for up to 30% OFF the latest Sonos offerings. There are some restrictions and exclusions, so give a call or stop by for more info.

If you have questions, or would like to take advantage of the Sonos Upgrade Program, Please contact The Sound Shop directly at (719) 636-1684.

As a reminder, Trade-Ups DO NOT need to be done on the Sonos site. No need to ship, we can take care of you here!  We appreciate you supporting a local small business, and will make sure you get the best pricing!