Playback with the ‘On this iPhone/iPad’ feature will soon be removed from the Sonos app. Later today, customers who are still using this feature will receive an in-app message informing them of this upcoming change.

Direct from Sonos:

This feature was first introduced in 2012, long before AirPlay 2 was available on Sonos, and requires the Sonos app to run in the background in order to continue playing. The way this was architected is no longer compatible with newer versions of iOS, resulting in an unsatisfactory listening experience with audio dropouts.

While we are committed to offering customers as much choice as possible in how they access and control their music, we have to balance that with ensuring a reliable listening experience.

The most reliable way to play music downloaded to a phone to Sonos is using AirPlay 2 with compatible Sonos speakers (which can be grouped with any Sonos speaker). The Sonos app remains the best way to access more than 100 streaming services, or a music library stored on a computer, NAS drive, or in the cloud.

Customers can refer to our Sonos Support Article to learn more about their options for listening.

If you have questions about how the affects your current Sonos system use, please give a call or stop by the shop and we’ll be happy to help.