Paradigm Defiance Subwoofers

Paradigm’s all-new Defiance subwoofers are here!

These brand-new woofers deliver pure power, unleashed by clean, efficient amplification in a mix of six models, from entry-level to ultimate performance. With app control and Anthem Room Correction (ARC®), you’ll have powerful, perfectly balanced bass at your fingertips.

Here is what makes the Defiance Subwoofer amazing:

1. Active Ridge Technology (ART) Surrounds. ART is a uniquely engineered surround design that allows the driver to move faster and farther. When you look at a Defiance Sub, you see what looks like the edge of a paper plate around the driver, and this is part of the ART technology. This patented driver design is “over-molded,” meaning these items are fused (not glued) to the cone to allow for the farthest possible throw without distortion or destruction. The Defiance Subs measured a 3dB gain in output, with a 50% reduction in audible distortion. Yes, that’s right; we upped the output while significantly reducing the distortion. One Defiance sub produces the same output as two subs from other brands.

2. Built-in ARC Technology. With this technology, you can shape the bass to fit your space. This technology is controlled via a smartphone app (iOs and Android). ARC measures your area, compares it to lab standard responses, and instantly removes performance-robbing anomalies resulting in an accurately rendered deep bass.

3. Subwoofer App Control. This app simplifies set up and tuning, controlling volume, low-pass filter, phase, room gain, and much more. There are even three present listening modes, and you can turn off ARC all in this powerful app.

4. Wireless Capabilities (Optional). All the new Defiance subwoofers (expect the V8) can benefit from the Defiance Wireless Transmitter System. The transmitter and receiver modules connect easily and allow users greater placement options for a subwoofer.

5. Ported on the Bottom. This makes the subwoofer easily adaptable to most configurations. The subwoofer can be put in a cabinet or set on the floor – whichever fits your design. This ported design also allows for better airflow as well make the sub more adaptable to fit many configurations.

Defiance V Series is a budget-conscious choice for big bass. Defiance X Series is Crafted in Canada for truly huge high-performance bass. Whichever one is right for you, Defiance subs are all bass, no gimmicks.

For more information on these great subwoofers, come by the shop for a demo, or check out Paradigm’s website here!