Martin Logan Vision Soundbar

Motion Vision Soundbar Sale!

Looking for big sound from your flat screen TV? Martin Logan’s Motion Vision Soundbar is the Ultimate Single-Speaker Sourround Sound System.

Soundbars are hugely popular these days, offering rich, dynamic sound without the massive footprint and cost of a full home audio system. The Hi-Fi experts at Martin Logan have produced a top of the line soundbar offering true to their reputation as loudspeaker industry leaders.

The Motion Vision Soundbar packs a ton of sound into a sleek, sculptural all-in-one system. Featuring three advanced-resolution Folded Motion™ tweeters, four 4-inch high-performance woofers, and seven dedicated amplifiers deliver 100 watts of total system power.

We’re pleased to offer the Motion Vision at $300 OFF! This is a Limited Time Offer Ending June 15, 2014, so come by and hear it for yourself today!

For more on the Motion Vision, check out the Martin Logan website.