What's New at the Shop

  • End of Summer Garage Sale!

    Summer has almost come to a close, so it’s time for us at the shop to start gearing up for the busy fall and holiday season. And as we celebrate 50 years in business, it’s clear that we have to clean out our warehouse! So what better way to celebrate the season and clean house than our END OF SUMMER GARAGE SALE!

  • Inside the Sonos Sound Lab

    Sonos is the biggest name in wireless audio today, and for good reason. This short clip takes you behind the scenes of their Santa Monica studio where they design all the speakers and software that make up the Sonos experience.

  • Thank you, Phoebe

    It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we inform you of the passing of our shop companion, Phoebe. For the past few years Phoebe has been a fixture here at the shop, serving as our door greeter, floor manager, and unofficial company mascot. Phoebe passed away peacefully over the holiday weekend, having lived 12 wonderful years full of long hikes, steak dinners,…

  • Motion Vision Soundbar On Sale!

    $300 OFF!

    Limited Time Offer: May 11 – June 15, 2014

    Click for details!

  • What You Need To Know About 4K Ultra HD

    Shopping for a new TV? Chances are you’re hearing a lot about 4K Ultra HD. But what is Ultra HD, and should you consider it in your next TV purchase? The Consumer Electronics Association wrote this handy FAQ to run you through the basics of this exciting new technology. Remember, we’re here to help you get the most from your TV investment, so call…

  • We Have An AQC Winner!

    Congratulations to Rob Preston, winner of the Armchair Quarterback Challenge drawing! Rob won a 60 inch LG Plasma TV in a random drawing for AQC participants, courtesy of ColoradoSprings.com, the Gazette, and of course The Sound Shop!

    He’s super excited to have a for watching all his favorite sports!

    Enjoy the TV, Rob!

  • What CEDIA Means For You

    You may have noticed we mention CEDIA Certified Custom Installation quite a bit around here. It’s important to us. So what is CEDIA, and why is CEDIA certification important to you?

  • We’re Celebrating 50 Years!

    2014 is a major milestone for The Sound Shop, as we celebrate our 50th year in business!

    Since 1964, Colorado Springs has come to the Sound Shop for the best in home audio. The Shop started as an audio equipment store, specializing in tape recorders, radios, and of course, hi-fi stereo systems…