Used And Consignment

In addition to offering the newest and best in home theater technology, the Sound Shop also has a great selection of quality used speakers and components.

Why go used? Whether you’re a new audiophile just dipping your toe into hi-fi, or a seasoned veteran looking for classic vintage gear, we’ve got something for you. From classic 2 channel receivers and speakers to rare collector gear and gently used digital home theater amps, speakers, and projectors – All at great discounts. Be sure to check out the section next time you’re in the store, you never know what you’ll find

Upgrading? Looking to flip your old gear for something better? We have a great trade-in program that can get you on the road to the system of your dreams.

Our Used selection changes daily, so check back here often for some great highlights. See something you like? Give us a call today!

All used and consignment listings are limited and subject to change. Please call for pricing and availability.
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